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As a Stay-At-Home Mom, I’m always looking for ways to save a little extra money. I’ve tried my to clip coupons and check my emails for savings from my favorite stores but honestly, it’s too time consuming and half of the time I forget (mommy brain).

Luckily, there are a bunch of apps out there specifically made to help people save money on the things they love.

Besides, we’re always on our phones-might as well start using them to save! 

I’ve been using the following apps for a while now and I have not only saved money, but I’ve also been able to make a little money from a few of these apps and now you can too!


I absolutely LOVE the Krazy Coupon Lady App! Firstly, it was created by two mamas who loved saving money and wanted to share that with others!

To top it off, they have an entire website full of tips to help you save money and cash in on rebates and have been dubbed The World’s #1 Couponing Site.

Their app has a ton of money(and time) saving tips and options. I absolutely love the fact that you can pick your favorite stores and get instant access to a bunch of different deals going on at that particular store. 

The most unique thing, in my opinion, about the Krazy Coupon Lady app is the fact that they spell out the exact coupons that you need to take in order to save BIG! 

Another cool feature is that you can print coupons straight from your smart phone! They also typically have the weekly ad’s for your favorite stores right on the app and its updated weekly!

The Krazy Coupon Lady App is available in both the App Store and Google Play. 

You can get the download link here

You can check out their website here


Ibotta is one of the more popular rebate apps and for a good reason! In a nutshell, Ibotta gives you the opportunity to earn cash back on things that you shop for everyday. 

Althought they’re most popular for groceries, they’ve also expanded and now include rebates for places like, Uber, and

The way I typically use Ibotta is by looking at which rebates are available before making my trip to the grocery store(they also have the option to pick your favorite stores). 

Next, once I’ve gotten my groceries, I go to the rebate that I want to redeem, take a picture of my receipt and viola! Sometimes you may be required to watch a short 15 second video to unlock a rebate but only on certain products. 

Once you’ve sent in a picture of your receipt, Ibotta will review it and you should have your funds credited to your account within two days!

Before you can withdraw any funds, keep in mind that there is a $20.00 minimum payout requirement .

While Paypal and Venmo are available if you’d like to withdraw cash, you can also choose from over 20 gift card options. 

On top of all that, you get a $10.00 bonus just for signing up!! 

Start earning cash now! Sign up for Ibotta here


Groupon is another popular money saving app and they have new deals DAILY. Groupon has coupons for for almost anything that you can think of.

The deals vary from city to city so be sure to put your zip code in for the most relevant deals near you!

One of the most unique things about Groupon is that they have “Deals of the Day”. While these deals are only available to redeem for 24hrs, they are usually drastically marked down – sometimes up to 60%!

Groupon also offers deeply discounted Getaway Deals including deals from cities around the U.S and even all the way to Africa and Asia. 

To download Groupon click here


Ebates is another amazing app that allows you to earn cash back from the stores that you shop at everyday! The actual percentage of ‘cash back’ depends on the store but you can get up to 40% back on almost everything that you buy. 

Basically, you shop at your favorite stores(they offer over 2000 stores to choose from) through the Ebates App or website.

The store pays Ebates a small fee when you shop with them and then Ebates shares that fee with you!

Every three months Ebates will send you a check with the money you’ve earned or you can opt to have it sent to your paypal account. 

Ebates also has an awesome referral program. You can earn 5 bucks for every friend you refer plus you’re eligible to receive a $40.00 bonus when two friends make a purchase! 

Awesome right? Sign up for Ebates here


Checkout 51 is a rebate app similar to Ibotta but they tend to focus exclusively on groceries and certain household items.

Simply browse the available items and after your trip to the grocery store, upload your receipt and the cash back will be credited to your account. I’ve found that the turn around time for Checkout 51 is sometimes a bit quicker than Ibotta.

Checkout 51 also allows you to redeem a product up to FIVE times! So lets say you want to stock up on tissue so you buy 3 packs, you can use the same receipt to redeem cash back on that tissue 3 times.

There is a 20.00 minimum before you can withdraw your funds. As of right now, Checkout 51 doesn’t offer Paypal or giftcards as a cash out option. They will however send you a check in the mail 2 to 3 weeks after you cash out. 

And there you have it! While there are a bunch of different money saving(making) apps out there, these are hands down my favorite.

Do you have any other money saving apps that you swear by? If so, leave them in the comments! I’d love to check them out!