Must-Have Octonauts Toys For Your Little Adventurer

These new Octonauts toys will make it easy for your little adventurer to recreate their favorite Octonauts Above and Beyond scenes at home.

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For as long as I can remember, my boys have been avid animal lovers! So naturally, we always made sure to provide them with animal-related toys, books, and TV shows. One of their favorite shows has been Octonauts! My boys have learned so much from Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, and the rest of the crew and have taken even more of an interest in marine life since watching the show. 

Now that Octonauts has officially taken their exploration beyond the sea and onto land, I’m excited to see how much more my boys can learn about some of their favorite animals. Not only will we be turning into the new season of Octonauts Above & Beyond, but they will also be able to reenact their favorite scenes using these awesome Octonauts action figures, vehicles, and playsets!

So if your little ones love Octonauts, keep reading to learn more about some of the must-have Octonauts toys that you can find at Walmart!

First up are these adorable Octonauts Crew Plush Figures! Whether your child’s favorite character is Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, or Paani, these super-soft plushies are sure to be a hit! They are perfect for snuggling during naptime, reading a story, or even riding along in the car.

One of the best ways to recreate their favorite Octonauts Above & Beyond episodes is with the Octonauts adventure packs! Each pack is based around an Octonauts episode and comes with an Octonauts action figure, a mini-environment, and a creature. Complete with a mission card, it’s the perfect way to recreate the perfect quest!

To take their adventures to the next level, these Octonauts Vehicle & Figure Packs are complete with a realistic Gup vehicle, Octonauts action figure, and mission card. Each Octonauts figure can sit right in the driver’s seat as they rescue their creature and put them into the vehicle. My boys love that each vehicle has its own unique functions just like they see on the show. 

Next up is the Octopod Playset which is my oldest son’s favorite Octonauts Toy! It’s a replica of the Octocrew HQ and has many fun interactive features such as the net launcher, claw, and slide! It comes with a Captain Barnacles action figure with a removable deep sea helmet and has a total of three sea creatures (vampire squid, starfish, and slime eel) to rescue! 

Octonauts Above and Beyond Toys

My youngest son would argue that the Octoray Transforming HQ Playset is the best Octonauts toy of all! After rolling into action on its wheels, it can easily transform into a 13” tall Octonauts mobile headquarters with a light-up HQ that features over 25 Octonauts sounds and phrases. My boys love that Captain Barnacles can take a ride up the elevator to the removable mini-ray vehicle and rescue one of 3 creatures – Giant Panda, Chinese Sturgeon, and Chinese Giant Salamander!

Needless to say, these Octonauts action figures, vehicles, and playsets would make the perfect gift for any Octonauts lover!

Be sure to head to your local Walmart to check out these new Octonauts toys so that your little adventurer can enjoy the new season of Octonauts Above and Beyond while recreating their favorite scenes!

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