To The Mom That Needs To Be Reminded Of How Awesome She Is

Its 11:54pm on a Thursday night and my rambunctious little boy is STILL awake. No lights, no tv, and he is WIDE awake.

He's obviously sleepy but has continued to fight it like the little toddler that he is.

So to soothe him I decided to massage his little feet.

& That's when it hit me,

"I'm actually a pretty awesome mom. I mean who massages their one year old's feet at almost midnight on a Thursday night? THIS MAMA DOES."

Don't get me wrong, motherhood is plain hard and some days, I'm more over it than I'd like to admit. However, it was in that moment that I started to realize that I was being a bit hard on myself.

& if you're anything like me, you're probably being hard on yourself too!

Is the house always clean? No

Is the laundry piled sky high? Yes Probably


Think about all those sweet moments that you share with your children that no-one else sees.

Motherhood is more than diapers and laundry.

Motherhood is intricate and sometimes complicated. So much so that sometimes we forget to give ourselves credit for the little things.

It's time to stop being hard on ourselves.

I actually think I'm a pretty awesome mom and here are 4 reasons that you can rest assured that you're an awesome mama too.

1. We Make Sure Our Kids Eat

Will they finish it? Probably not.

Throw it on the floor? Highly likely.

Does it matter? No!

What matters is that your little one is healthy and thriving!

Does that mean you never eat fast food because you cook everyday?

Absolutely not! There are PLENTY of days when I just really don't feel like cooking. If there isn't anything quick that I can throw in the oven, we're either ordering pizza or picking up fast food!

Does that mean I'm a bad mom? NOPE

Do I care if you think that it does? NOPE

It means:

"Well since I'm not cooking tonight, I better figure out what we're gonna eat for dinner!"

2. We Watch More Cartoon's Than Regular TV

Yes, I admit that my son probably watches more tv than what's "recommended".

Does that mean I'm any less awesome? Nope.

It means that sometimes I have to wash the dishes, or take a shower (can I get an amen?)!

Am I monitoring everything he watches?

Yes, because most likely, I'm watching it with him.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Puppy Dog Pals? Sesame Street? Bubble Guppies? PJ Masks? Those other weird little shows on Disney Junior?

You name it, I've watched it and I probably know the theme song by heart!

Does that make me a bad mom?

Quite the opposite actually.

Because when "the letter of the day" is on Sesame Street, my son gets to play with his corresponding foam letters to become more familiar with the alphabet.

And when the PJ Masks comes on, we dance around to the theme song until we're dizzy.

Those are moments I'd definitely miss out on if I  allowed screen time "recommendations" to rule my life.

3. We Are Efficient

Let's face it, I'm a millennial mama!

Multitasking is involuntary. It's just what I do!

I will have the laundry going and crockpot cooking, as I'm picking up food off of the floor, with my son on my hip and my ear buds in because I'm also having a full blown conversation on the phone.

This may sound like a lot but for me, I'm just being efficient. I hate clutter and unfortunately with a toddler, there is a lot of it!

 While it's unrealistic to think that my home will be spotless all the time, I definitely do my best to capitalize on the moments that I can knock out multiple tasks at once.

4. We Are Always Tired

I mean let's be real?

When is the last time you realllly felt rested?

And If you're a mama blogger like me, I'm willing to bet that half the time, you're exhausted!

As mamas, it's simply in our nature to put our families before ourselves. Motherhood is a full-time job and it requires us to constantly be on the move.

Is this a bad thing? Well not really. While you do need your rest, being exhausted is simply the result of being involved and present in the lives of your children.

Besides, I don't know about you but I'd give a serious side eye to a mama who's NEVER tired.

At the end of the day, none of us really know what we're doing, we simply strive to do the best that we can!

So if you've ever doubted your awesomeness, you can now rest assured that you're mommin' along just fine.

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