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While the baby phase is behind us (for now), there are a few must-have items that I recommend every parent have from the baby stages well into toddler-dom.

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As a mom to two little busy toddlers, I’m all about sharing products that have become staples in our daily routines. While the baby phase is behind us (for now), there are a few must-have items that I recommend every parent have from the baby stages well into toddler-dom.

CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus

While both of my boys went through a ‘car’ phase, I’m not entirely sure that my youngest is in a phase anymore. He loves anything car related and this CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus is one of his favorite things.

Made by Jazwares, the CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus comes with 1 JJ figure and even plays a snippet of the “Wheels On The Bus” song. The free-wheeling motion lets my youngest push it all over the house freely and there is even room for 6 additional CoComelon family members to fit on the bus. Needless to say, the CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus is a must-have for your little ones.

Baby Magic

Baby Magic is one of those staples that come with us out of the baby phase and into toddlerdom. I’ve been using Baby Magic since my oldest was a few months old and I plan to continue using it when baby #3 arrives.

Baby Magic’s Calming Bath and Lotion have completely transformed my bedtime routine. The Lavender and Chamomile formula is perfect for a night-time bath routine for babies with normal to dry skin. Not to mention, all Baby Magic products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and free from sulfates, dyes, parabens, and phthalates so you can rest assured that baby is getting the best for their gentle skin.

Else Nutrition

I’ve shared Else Nutrition with you guys in the past but I had to share them with you guys again. We all know just how picky toddlers can be and my little ones are no different. That said, I was beyond grateful when I discovered Else Nutrition. It’s the first clean-label, minimally-processed complete nutrition drink for babies beyond year 1 without dairy or soy.

It’s backed by leading U.S. pediatricians and nutritionists and is also Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, NON-GMO, USDA Organic, Clean Label. I’ve tested it myself and it tastes like Almond milk. Click here or use code BabbleBoxx20 to grab it for your little one and get 20% off!

Cup Strap from Lil’ Sidekick

The Lil’ Sidekick is easily a must-have for any mom as it prevents small items like cups, phones, toys, spoons, teethers & practically anything else you can think of from being tossed to the dirty floor.

Besides the function, one of the best things about the cup strap from Lil’ Sidekick is that there is no Velcro or cloth on the design making the Lil’ sidekick super easy to clean. To use it simply secure one end around the object and the other around something sturdy like a stroller, grocery cart, or car seat, and you’re ready to go.


Squishmallows are another family favorite from Jazwares. My boys have their fair share of plush toys but they absolutely love Squishmallows! They are so small and squishy and made the perfect comfort plush when my youngest was transitioning off of the pacifier.

Squishmallows has over 500 fun characters to collect and are sure to be a hit with little ones and even come with their own name and personality on the hangtag. Squishmallows are sure to be a hit with your little one and are available at retailers near you.

Reach Out and Read

I’m a strong believer that our little ones are never too small to enjoy a good story and the nonprofit Reach Out & Read agrees! The Reach Out and Read program begins in infancy and continues through age five. I love reading to my boys (& to my little bun in the oven) and Reach Out and Read makes it easy by encouraging more reading time at home.

More reading time equals advanced language development with I can personally attest to in both of my boys. Reach Out and Read is an evidence-based program that delivers real, long-lasting benefits to children and families and is the only organization with the potential to reach almost every child in the U.S.

To learn more, you can check out Reach Out and Read Here.

There you have it!

My current baby and toddler favorites.

Our family uses most, if not all of these products daily and absolutely love them!

With our newest addition due to arrive soon, I’m considering turning this into a series so stay tuned!

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