5 Tips For A Stress-Free Baby Bath Time Routine


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Bath time with baby can be stressful, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Check out these 5 tips for a stress-free baby bath time routine.

Baby Bath Time Routine

This post is sponsored by Summer Infant®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day – after nap time of course!

I haven’t always felt this way though.

My oldest was not a fan of bath time and would cry and squirm the entire time.

He loves bath time now but those early days were hard!

Thankfully, my youngest loves bath time and through a little bit of trial and error, we’ve found the perfect recipe for a stress-free bath time routine that puts him right to sleep.

So if you’ve been dreading bath time like I used to, or if you’re just looking for ways to make bath time more enjoyable for you & your little one, keep reading!

Baby Bath Time Routine

1. Prepare Everything Beforehand

This is C R U C I A L!

The last thing you want is to get the baby in the tub and realize that you forgot to grab the washcloth.

Trust me, I’ve been there!

Before I even run the bath water, I go and grab all of the supplies that I will need for baby.

These include but aren’t limited to: 

My Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather

-Wash Cloth and Towel (I always grab an extra towel just in case)

– Baby Soap, Shampoo, & Conditioner

-Baby Lotion/Oil

-Diaper & Pj’s

Prepping everything that I need beforehand makes bath time 10x less stressful and I can focus solely on bathing and bonding with my baby.

2. Cut Down On As Much Stimulation As Possible

It wasn’t until after my oldest turned one that I learned the importance of cutting down on unnecessary stimulation before, during, and after bath time.

For so long I’d wonder why my son would be wide awake right after taking a nice long bath.

I soon learned that watching tv while I put on his pj’s probably wasn’t the best approach.

Especially if my goal was to get him to actually go to sleep after bath time.

So I started cutting off anything that I felt could be stimulating him.

That means no television and no bright lights during bath time.

By keeping a quiet, minimally stimulating environment, baby naturally becomes more calm and drowsy after their nice warm bath.

3. Use A High-Quality Baby Bather

This is quite possibly the most important tip of them all.

In order to successfully have a stress-free bath time routine, you must first ditch that outdated baby bathtub and get your hands on the Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather.

It grows with babies from the time they are born up until they are able to sit up by themselves.

The Clean Rinse™ bather is also extremely portable and can be used in 3 locations: on the counter, in the sink, and in the tub.

I was always so worried that mildew would grow in the bathtub that I used with my oldest since it took forever to dry out.

Thankfully I no longer have to worry about mildew since the Clean Rinse™ bather is super easy to clean thanks to the quick-drying material.

Needless to say, not all baby bathtubs are created equal.

So avoid the unnecessary stress of spilling water everywhere by toting a bulky bathtub around and grab the Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather

4. Make Sure Baby Is Comfortable

Comfort is key to a happy baby during bath time.

I learned this lesson the hard way with my oldest. He always seems so uncomfortable in the hard plastic baby bathtub that we had him in.

Thankfully, the Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather features a 3-position recline with easy adjust buttons so that you can find the perfect position for baby.

Additionally, the quick dry material is super soft providing baby with maximum comfort.

JoJo smiled the moment that I placed him in the Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather and I knew then that bath time would be a breeze.

5. Establish A Regular Routine

Finally, in addition to all of the tips above, it’s so important that you make baby’s bath time routine a consistent part of baby’s regular bedtime routine.

Once your baby knows what to expect, they’ll be so much more cooperative and bath time will be a breeze.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long for babies to realize that this is a part of their regular routine.

Before you know it, bat2h time will become one of your favorite parts of the day!

Baby Bath Time Routine

There you have it!

Five easy tips for a stress-free bath time routine.

Follow these steps consistently and I can almost guarantee that baby will be dozing off before you can get their pj’s on!

What are some of your favorite baby bathtime tips?

To learn more about the Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather click here.


Bath time with baby can be stressful, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Check out these 5 tips for a stress-free baby bath time routine. Baby Bath Time Essentials, Sleep Training, Baby Bath Tub, Co-Bathing, Baby Bath Time Hacks, Newborn First Bath

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  1. These are so amazing tips. I definitely found that a distraction free bath was much more accepted by both my babies. Dimming the lights is a good idea too, gets them into that sleepy time mood.

  2. This is an amazing post, both of my kids love bath time and I do all of these.

  3. Megan Ashley says:

    I practice the same things for my son’s bath time! I think having everything prepared before bath is extremely important. We also turn off the TV and lights in the house before bath indicating it’s time for bed. I will keep that infant bath tub in mind for baby #2. I love how it looks and seems much more comfortable than the traditional plastic ones.

  4. Thank you for your tips! Thankfully, my son loves bath time. He even tries to climb in the bath himself! haha

  5. thislovefilledlife says:

    Love all these tips! Sounds very similar to the routine I have done with both my boys. I am a routine person. They are so great to have for babies and children!

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