Blogging: how to start a wordpress blog

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Congratulations on finally making the leap and getting your blog up and running!

I must admit, I did SOOOO much research on the proper way to start a blog and I've also had my share of hiccups when it came to finally getting the courage to start this blog!

Lucky for you, I created the following Step-By-Step guide that you can follow along with.

So grab your laptops and by the time we finish this post, you will have created your very own blog!

Get Hosting And Your Domain

First things first, ya gotta get your domain name and hosting.

My friends over at Bluehost have an AWESOME deal going on. You can get hosting for as little as 3.95/mo. 

If you're interested in this AMAZING deal, click here to get started.


Next, Select Your Plan

Bluehost offers a basic, plus, and prime plan. I personally signed up for the basic plan but I must admit that the plus plan is a STEAL!

Next, Pick your domain name

Did I mention that when you sign up for hosting with Bluehost that you get a FREE domain?

Well it's true! Click here to sign up for bluehost hosting and get your FREE domain.

Already have a domain? Don't worry, Bluehost will allow you to use an existing domain if you have one.

Next, Create An Account


Select Your Plan

 Bluehost offers packages ranging from 12 months to 60 months. They also offer some GREAT add-ons!

I highly recommend at least getting the Domain Privacy Protection and the Site Backup Pro.

The following chart perfectly sums up why Domain Privacy Protection is the route to go!

As a blogger, the ABSOLUTE last thing that you need is for all of the info on your site to be erased. Site BackUp Pro is essential for restoring lost files and they even do an automatic site backup!

Yay!!! You now have hosting AND your own domain!

Next, you will be prompted to create a secure password for your account. Make sure you write your new password down!

Now, it’s time for the good stuff!


Download WordPress

First, you want to login to your account.

Next, you will be taken to this screen.

You will be prompted to select your domain and then WordPress will automatically begin to download.

Once your installation is complete, you will be prompted to view your credentials.

Next you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard where you can manage all of the ins and outs of your brand new website!

Viola! You now have a living, breathing piece of the internet!


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