Seven Reasons Why No One’s Reading Your Blog



So you’ve taken the plunge and finally launched your blog but no one is reading your posts!

What do you do?

Before you panic, allow me to reassure you that there are a bunch of things you can do to get more eyes on your blog.

In my first couple of weeks blogging, I was checking my pageviews every hour on the hour and most times, I was disappointed to see that the numbers were staying the same. 

If you’ve been keeping up with my progress via my monthly blog reports, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve had a huge spike in traffic over the past couple of months. 

In only three months of launching this blog, I’ve gotten over 15k page views –  and counting!

But it hasn’t been easy!

Promoting your blog is just is important as the content that you write and honestly, it’s a lot more time consuming.

So before you throw in the towel on your blogging dreams, check out these common reasons why people aren’t reading your blog and find out what you can do about it!


One of the reasons that you may be struggling to get people to read your blog is because no one knows that it exists. 

In a perfect world, we’d create our blogs, focus on creating awesome content, and the readers will come to us. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. Instead, you have to let people know that your blog exists. 

Luckily, we live in a time where social media is thriving and if you want it to be seen by others it’s crucial that you share your posts across those mediums. 

Consider creating a Facebook Page for your blog if you haven’t already and join a couple of Facebook groups for bloggers. 

Also, if you aren’t utilizing Pinterest yet, STOP what you’re doing and go create a business account now! 

Already have a Pinterest account?

Join group boards relevant to your niche. If you’re a Mommy Blogger like me, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Pinterest group boards that are exclusively for Mommy Bloggers.

You can check it out here

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This one is H U G E. 

If your text or font is difficult to read, you can be sure that you won’t have many returning visitors on your site. 

It’s best practice to have a blog with tons of white space, a dark font, and a font that is easy to read. A huge chunk of this will also depend on the theme that you’re using on your site.

This also goes for blog posts that are difficult for your reader to understand. Splitting up your paragraphs and adding headers help organize your writing and make it easier for your readers to get the most out of your blog posts. 

For more tips on how you can increase your blog’s readability, check out this post!


This is a personal pet-peeve of mine. 

If your blog isn’t well organized, you can almost be certain that you wont get many clicks through to other pages on your blog. 

You definitely want to be sure that you make the most out of your menu! Put yourself in your readers shoes and think about how they’d search for something on your site.

Then, depending on your niche and topics that you write about, organize your menu accordingly. 

It makes a huge difference – trust me!

Chic WordPress Themes



That one may sting a little but hear me out. 

If your blog is more of a personal diary than a resource, people aren’t going to be that likely to revisit your blog. 

It’s not that you’re a boring person or anything BUT people don’t want to visit your blog to read random facts about your life – they’re wondering what’s in it for them. 

What I like to do before I write a post is ask myself three questions: 

1.Who am I writing to?” (Who is my target audience)

2.What is the goal of this post?” (What do I want to help my readers achieve)

3.Is it helpful?” (Does it provide actionable steps that my readers can take)

At the end of the day, blogs that focus on creating helpful content tend to do significantly better than those that simply chronicle day-to-day activities. 

[bctt tweet=”At the end of the day, blogs that focus on creating helpful content tend to do significantly better than those that simply chronicle day-to-day activities.”]


First, let just me say that I’m not totally against pop-ups. I have had one on my site since it launched (& it converts really well). 

That being said, if I visit your site and there are a bajillion pop-ups (especially the ones I can’t click away from) I’m clicking the ‘x’ at the top and I won’t be coming back. 

While I understand we all have awesome freebies, services, and products to promote, it’s a HUGE turn-off for your readers and let’s be honest, you probably hate pop-ups too!

As an alternative, consider placing banners in your header/sidebar/footer with the different freebies/services/ads that you promote. 

It’ll give your site a cleaner look and feel while keeping everything where your readers can see it.


Since most people will visit your site via their mobile device, it’s absolutely crucial that your blog is mobile friendly. 

A site that is mobile friendly simply means that no matter what type of device someone uses to visit your site, they’re able to easily navigate through your blog.

One of the easiest ways to make your site mobile friendly is to install a theme that comes with mobile friendly capabilities, like the ones in this post

Another option is to download a plugin that will make your site mobile friendly for you. Although my theme comes with mobile-friendly capabilities, I also use the JetPack plugin which is able to easily convert your site to a mobile-friendly version. 


All of the above tips are great ways to get eyes on your blog posts, however, if you want people to come back for more, you must learn to infuse your personality into your blog and your writing. 

One easy way to add a bit of personality to your blog is through your branding. For me, I love things that are a bit blingy (ex. my logo), a bit quirky (ex. the different animations on my posts) and since I have a mild (self-diagnosed) case of OCD, it was super important to me that my site was well organized. 

As far as writing goes, think about some of your favorite bloggers and ask yourself, “What is it about their style of writing that keeps me coming back for more?”.

More often than not, your favorite blogger has developed a unique way of writing that allows them to naturally connect with their audience and keep readers engaged with their content.

This is more commonly referred to as your writing voice. Your writing should be conversational and give your readers a sense of who you are. 

While you won’t develop your own writing voice overnight, an easy way to begin to find yours is to read your post out loud to yourself before you hit publish. This is as close as you’ll get to how your audience interprets your writing. 

Don’t get me wrong, grammar and spelling are important too but the way you engage with your reader is the key to keeping them coming back for more.

And there you have it! 

So before you consider giving up on your blog, try and implement as many of these tips as possible and then re-evaluate. 

Remember, no one said blogging would be easy (if they did, they lied), but as with all hard work, it always pays off. 

I hope this post has encouraged you to continue in your blogging journey and as a token of my appreciation for making it to the end of this post (& for those of you that skipped to the end- no judgement here – I do it too!), I’ve compiled a list of the 12 best places to promote your next blog post! 

Nope, no opt-in required! All I ask is that you share it with others!

Simply scroll down for the list!

Happy blogging!

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  1. The Cinnamon Mom says:

    Great advice! Blogging is serious work and these are such helpful tips to get your posts noticed!

    1. Thanks Mama! It can be really tough bc blogger overwhelm is REAL. Once I started doing these things consistently I saw a huge difference. Thanks for reading!

  2. Great points for the beginning blogger. You’re right, sometimes people forget to think about how their page and popups appear on mobile! Great tips. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jenn! I’m so glad you found this helpful! Pop-up’s can be valuable for getting new subscriber but 5 at the same time is definitely sensory overload haha! Thanks for reading!

  3. Yes to #4! OUCH!! Honestly that was something I really struggled with in the beginning! I wanted to create content that people would enjoy but I was afraid I would be writing too much. When I look back now, It bugs me lol. I should have just been myself fully and said whatever I needed to say without being over the top or understated! These are great tips….

    **** logs off to go find Pinterest Groupboards****

    1. Trust me I’ve been there! I’m still trying to master it myself. And YES to being yourself fully! It’s hard to put yourself out there but it’s worth it once! Plus it’s one of the best ways to reallly connect with your audience!

  4. I didn’t know there was a difference between regular and business Pinterest. I’m going to go look into that!

  5. Great tips- I took some on board, such as making my posts easier to read (a larger font now). Thanks for sharing! X

  6. Oh wow! You definitely learned a lot ever since you started and I just learned a ton too. Great post! I loved the part about blending in your personality. I think the best blogs are the ones who write engaging and “personal” posts.

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