Unique Must-Haves For Moms On-The-Go

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Being out and about with small children can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, I've found a few unique must-haves for busy moms on-the-go.

Special thanks to BooginHead for sponsoring this post.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since becoming a mom of two, getting out of the house has been… well, a struggle. 

While getting out of the house is necessary for my overall sanity, my toddler can definitely be a handful.

Not to mention that my newborn is pretty demanding all on his own.

That said, I knew that our first official outing should be something simple.

So on a beautiful, overcast day, I decided to take the boys to the park.


For this trip to be successful, I knew that I would need a few unique, yet essential items to bring along with me. 

The first being BooginHead’s SippiGrip!

If your toddler is anything like mine, you know first-hand how they like to throw their sippy cup on the ground after a few sips.

In comes the SippiGrip!

The SippiGrip’s unique design keeps his sippy cup close by and prevents it from ever touching the ground. 

I just attached the non slip grip to the sippy cup, and connected the adjustable strap to the stroller.

Needless to say, it worked like a charm and this mama had one less thing to worry about while we were out!

I can definitely foresee myself utilizing the SippiGrip for his little brother’s baby bottle’s and teethers in the near future. 

Any mom knows that no matter where you go, you can’t leave the house without snacks!

I’m not a huge fan of letting my kids fill up on processed, sugary foods, but it can be a hassle making and storing food in a kid friendly way.

Thankfully, these reusable Squeeze-Em‘s from BooginHead were the perfect solution.

I filled up our Squeeze-Um’s with apple sauce, but they’d be perfect for puree’s for younger children and even smoothies!

The removable top is genius as it works in a counterintuitive way to prevent your little one from opening it and spilling all of the contents.

It’s safe to say that Ju’s only complaint was that once he finished, he wanted the other Squeeze-Um too!

Before I knew it, my 6 week old decided that he was hungry too!

I knew that I needed to stop and feed him soon, or he’d let the entire park know that he was hungry.

While our park has benches, it would’ve been a little bit before we got to that side so I decided to set up shop in the grass using the SplatMat.

The SplatMat is big enough for all three of us to sit comfortably.

It’s also extremely versatile, easy to clean, and could be used indoors as well as outside. 

I was also able to use it as a changing pad for Jo!

It will easily replace a blanket for us the next time that we’re at the park.

It’s safe to say that the SippiGrip, Squeez-Um’s, and the SplatMat are now essentials for when we’re out and about!

I’d highly recommend these BooginHead products to any mom who is looking to make her life with littles, a little bit easier.

You can check out each of these products and more at BooginHead‘s official website.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your page and am wishing I found you sooner! None the less, happy I found you now! I’m reading ALL your tips and tricks. The sippy cup bungee cord is BRILLIANT. Literally going to make that purchase now! Thanks girl!!

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