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Whether you’re a new or expecting mom, I’m sure you have heard all about the importance of safe baby sleep. So I’m sharing my favorite essentials for safe baby sleep that I’m currently loving!

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Whether you’re a new or expecting mom, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the importance of safe baby sleep. Although she’d my third child, I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been with essentials for safe baby sleep. I mean, I’ve had almost five years to try the most popular products on the market and this time around I have such peace of mind when it comes to baby girl and her sleep.

Before I start though let me just say, I’m all for doing what’s best for you. Whether that’s co-sleeping and training baby to sleep in their crib, you have to do what you are most comfortable with. For context, I’ve co-slept and I’ve also trained my boys to sleep in their crib so I definitely feel qualified to speak on safe baby sleep. This time around I’m going to be training baby girl to sleep in her crib and while I’ve co-slept here and there with her, I’ve learned that I’m a lot more well rested when my littles don’t sleep with me (I’m sure my fellow moms can understand).

Happy mom happy life right?

So without further ado I’m gonna share the best of the best essentials for safe baby sleep that I use every day.

Owlet Sock & Monitor Duo

Hand’s down this is my most favorite safe baby sleep product at the moment. I’ve always wanted to try the Owlet sock when it initially came out but I didn’t get the chance to until now. While you can get the Smart sock and the monitor individually, I highly recommend getting the Owlet Sock and Monitor Duo.

The Smart sock tracks heart rate and oxygen levels while the Owlet’s Cam connects to the Smart Sock allowing you see your baby and get their stats in real time.I personally love the easy to use app since it notifies me whenever there is movement or sound detected in her crib.

The app also gives me the ability to create a Sleep Report that shows her heart rate, oxygen levels, and how much deep sleep versus light sleep baby K is getting each night. Hands down it has given me so much peace of mind when it comes to her sleeping at night. Plus its HSA/FSA approved so definitely look into that if it applies.

Newton Baby Mattress

The Newton Baby Mattress is a game changer! I honestly didn’t look much into the importance of the quality of mattress with my first two children, but this time around I did and I stumbled upon Newton Baby Mattress!

If you’ve never heard of this mattress, it’s the first completely breathable mattress. Yes! You read that right, you can breath right through it. Baby K actually prefers to sleep on her tummy (I know back is technically best) so once as she was waking up, she had a brief moment where she was laying face down and since she had on her Owlet Sock, I check her oxygen levels and they were still 100%!

In addition to being 100% breathable, it’s also completely waterproof so it’s that’s a plus!

Breathable Baby Sheets

Speaking of the Newton Baby breathable mattress, it’s important that you also have breathable baby sheets. Besides, what’s the point of a breathable mattress if your sheets aren’t breathable. Newton Baby also sells 100% organic cotton sheets that are breathable.

I personally like these 100% organic cotton sheets from Amazon. As long as you go with either organic cotton or organic muslin cotton, you should be good to go. Oh, and you want to be sure that the sheets are snug on the mattress as sheets that fit too loosely would be a hazard.

Sleeping Bag

I’ll admit, I’m super late to sleeping bags but I have absolutely grown to love them. This one from Ergobaby is our favorite right now and I just ordered a few of these too! I love the sleeping bags because they help me to keep baby warm without adding bulky blankets to her crib (huge sleeping hazard).

I also love them because they’re warm enough for me to allow baby to sleep in a onesie under it versus footed pjs-which is super important during the warmer months.


Last but not least, I had to include the swaddle. There were always great when my kids were newborns but as they got older they didn’t like them as much (sleeping bags are a great alternative for babies who like their arms to be free). We’ve been loving this swaddle by Ergobaby (isn’t the print beautiful?). I also like these from amazon.

The most important thing when it comes to swaddles, or really any sleeping garmet, is that they’re 100% cotton. Soft breathable fabric is always key!

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There you have it!

My favorite essentials for safe baby sleep that I’m currently loving!

I utilize each of these all of the time and I highly recommend that you check them out if you’re looking for more peace of mind when it comes to baby sleep.

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