Weird Pregnancy Symptoms No One Talks About


Pregnancy symptoms look different for everyone but here are six weird pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about.

Pregnancy symptoms look different for everyone but here are six weird pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about.

If you follow me over on Instagram, then you know that we are expecting! As a mom of two young boys, I thought I had this pregnancy thing down pact. I had two totally opposite pregnancies with both so I was pretty sure I’d know what to expect once I learned I was pregnant again with our third bundle of joy.

To my surprise, this pregnancy has been completely different than my other two! While I didn’t have morning sickness this time around (thankfully), I did have a few other weird pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about.

So today I’m sharing six of the weirdest symptoms I’ve had so far in this pregnancy. I still have a ways to go with this pregnancy so I’ll be sure to make a part two if I have even more weird symptoms.

Weird Yet Vivid Dreams

I can’t tell you how many times I dreamed about crocodiles, alligators, and frogs. I had some version of these types of dreams for weeks in the earliest days of my pregnancy. The weirdest part, other than the actual content of the dream itself was how vivid the dreams were.

I mean I had a dream that an alligator had babies on my bathroom floor and I was cool with it…weird to say the least. This is definitely one of those pregnancy symptoms that not many people talk about.

Metallic Taste

I vaguely remember having this pregnancy symptom when I was pregnant with my second son but it wasn’t nearly as often and um… potent as when I experienced it this time around. It’s like basically eating a penny for breakfast and not brushing your teeth. It just lingers.

From what I read, this is due to the change in hormones so if you’re pregnant you may or may not experience this but from what I’ve read, it can be perfectly normal.

High Basal Body Temperature

If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while not, then you know that I’ve been practicing Natural Family Planning. I’m not a fan of birth control -at all (you can read all about that here), so I knew that natural family planning was the way to go.

One of the main principles of natural family planning is tracking your basal body temperature. In short, when aunt flow is on her way for her monthly visit, your basal body temperature will drop right before. If your basal body temperature doesn’t drop, this can be a very early indicator that you are indeed expecting! This is how I knew I was pregnant before I took my pregnancy test at 4 weeks.

Stuffy Nose/Sneezing

I’ve been blessed not to suffer from any allergy or sinus issues, however, early in this pregnancy I experienced my first bout of what I’d like to call ‘pregnancy allergies’. It seems like as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test, I got a stuffy nose and have been having random bouts of sneezing.

This is one symptom that hasn’t seemed to let up as my pregnancy has progressed. So if you’re having random allergy or sinus issues, you might have a little bundle of joy on the way.


I know I know. This isn’t one of those things that anyone is super comfortable talking about buuut it’s a thing, especially in pregnancy. While I believe that once you are pregnant you can experience either diarrhea or constipation if you are experiencing diarrhea you want to be sure to notify your doctor as diarrhea can cause dehydration.

Constipation on the other hand is one of the less glamorous parts of pregnancy and is due to your intestines slowing down thanks to the good ole increase in hormones. So while it isn’t talked about a whole lot, it is normal.

Increased Discharge

Finally, another less glamorous part of pregnancy is all of the excess discharge that you will experience over the course of your pregnancy. Increased discharge is normal and will continue to increase until you deliver your little bundle of joy. However, it can definitely be a pain to deal with.

I experienced an increase in discharge in all of my pregnancies and this one is no different. I highly suggest investing in panty liners to keep things under control down there. As long as there are no weird smells or colors, it’s completely normal. If you do notice a change in color or odor, definitely talk with your doctor about it.

Headaches and/or Migraines

The worst symptom that I’ve experienced so far during this pregnancy has been the headaches and migraines. I’ve never experienced headaches and migraines in my previous pregnancies but I’ve had consistent headaches and some of the worse migraines ever during this pregnancy.

I don’t usually suffer from migraines so I know the ones I suffered from were 100% pregnancy-related. There isn’t a known cause as to why pregnant women can experience migraines but according to WebMD, it can be brought on by an increase in estrogen or due to the increase in blood flow.

There you have it!

Seven weird pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about.

Other than these weird symptoms, this pregnancy has been a breeze and other than wanting to nap and eat every few hours, its been a pretty easy pregnancy so far.

Have you experienced any weird pregnancy symptoms?


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