Sample Toddler Schedule For Stay-At-Home Mom’s


Are you A SAHM looking for a realistic, daily toddler schedule that you can actually stick to? Then check out this sample schedule for stay-at-home moms.

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I must admit that before I had my son, daily schedules just were not my thing. I mean, even my schedule at my job was super flexible. 

A few months after he was born, I knew that I’d eventually need to get on a schedule for his sake and for my own sanity. 

Since my husband’s schedule changes frequently, Ju and I would usually just wing it – eating and sleeping whenever we got ready

It wasn’t until he hit the 10 month mark (I know, I know) that I really started implementing a predictable daily schedule. 

Of course, this schedule isn’t set in stone or anything but it definitely beats unpredictable nap times and bedtime routines that are all over the place or that don’t happen at all

Also, let me preface this by saying that our schedule isn’t typical. I’ve read many posts where toddlers start their day at 7:00AM and are in bed by 7:30PM. 

While I envy those of you with those perfect schedules and even more perfect bedtimes, this is what works best for our family right now. 

Plus, this schedule allows me to sleep in until about 8:30AM every day so I’m definitely not mad about it. 


8:30-9AM – Ju typically wakes up between 8:30 and 9:00. 

Once he’s up, I change his diaper, make him a small bottle, and sit him in his crib while I make the bed. 

I also tend to wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my hair and change out of my pj’s while he’s occupied with his milk (and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). 

9:30-10:30AM – Around this time, I make breakfast for Ju and I (and the hubby if he’s home). 

I also tend to empty the dishwasher from the night before because it saves me soooo much time later in the day. 

Once we’re done eating, I get Judah dressed and pack his diaper bag with a few diapers, wipes, an extra outfit (cause you never know), snacks, and something to drink. 

Next, we typically head to the park so that I can get some exercise in while he enjoys the fresh air and scenery.

If the weather is bad, we will either play inside or I’ll let him watch a little TV/Independent play while I get some things done around the house.

12-1PM – Around noon, depending on how hungry Ju is (since he likely had a snack at the park) I’ll make him a small lunch or a snack. 

Next, I’ll let him have a little independent play time before nap time. 

Nap-time, A.K.A, my absolute favorite part of the day usually lasts for about 3hrs (he only naps once a day-twice on a good day). While he sleeps I try to tidy up a little, do chores, blog, or binge watch something on Netflix. 

4-8PM – Once he wakes up from his nap, I change his diaper and give him a small snack until dinner time. 

After we eat dinner, we use the rest of the day for family time(watch a movie, play, or just hang out).

8:30-9:30 – Good ole bedtime. I’ve read a lot of posts where moms put their kids down at like 7:30 for sleep and honestly, I WISH.

It’s at this point that Ju is finally getting sleepy. Besides, I learned the hard way that if I put him down too early, he’ll be up again and ready to play at midnight. 

To prep for bedtime, Ju gets a nice bath, I lotion him up, put on his pj’s and read him a story. 

Sometimes I may give him a small bottle if he didn’t eat much for dinner. I also may let him watch about 30mins of TV (I know, I know) while I get a quick shower (Mamas you KNOW the struggle).

After that, it’s lights out! 

I usually stay up until about 1 or 2am (I’m a night owl) tidying up, spending time with the hubby or blogging.

Do you and your little one have a daily schedule? If so, share below in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to add to our schedule.

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  1. Stephanie Fitzgerald says:

    I love schedules. I have lists and schedules for everything

  2. Katherine Wandell says:

    I wish my kids slept in that late. Must be so nice! Mine are up at 6:30am. Having three makes the schedule so crazy because there potting training times mixed in with diaper checks and snack times. I think I wing it more then I do sticking to my schedule. But when I only had one kid a schedule worked out great! And he did wake up later about 7:45-8:00. But that was soooo long ago

  3. theterrificfive says:

    Haha sounds similar to my schedule, except I have two so after my son comes back from school it’s a totally different ball game!

  4. Shawna | MISHMASH MOMMY says:

    Maintaining a schedule is easier said than done some days, but it for sure helps me get so much more done if we stick to the schedule!

  5. Nap time is every moms favorite time of the day! I can actually get stuff done LOL. I love your timeline image for this post, great job!

  6. I love articles like this! It really is great to get a feel for what other Mamas are doing out there! I’m a super scheduled person, but when I fall off, i FALL OFF haha!! If I let my son “sleep in” past 8, our whole day is off because he won’t nap!!! Such a weird boy! I love that you get outside, I need to more often.

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