3 Cleaning Hacks For The Busy Mom


These 3 easy cleaning hacks have completely changed the way I clean and are sure to make any mom’s life easier.

These 3 easy cleaning hacks are sure to make any mom’s life easier and is brought to you in partnership with Art Of Green®. All opinions are my own.

All this extra time at home has definitely helped me see just how quickly my home can turn into a full-blown pig-stye. Don’t get me wrong, with two toddlers, I don’t expect my home to be sparkling clean very often, however, I definitely wasn’t prepared for the increase in dirt and clutter since the pandemic.

That said, with virtual school starting soon, I had to figure out a way to keep my home tidy and clean without feeling like I have to clean every second of the day. It’s definitely been a challenge, but after a few weeks, I’ve finally developed a system to keep my home clean that  I can actually maintain without feeling completely overwhelmed.

In addition to my new cleaning routine, I’ve also acquired new cleaning products that help me keep my house clean without the harmful toxins found in most household cleaners. Art of Green products are my new go-to cleaning brand when it comes to cleaning products that are tough on dirt, grease, and grime, and yet still safe for use around my little ones.

So if you’re looking for a few simple cleaning hacks that you can implement to keep your home clean without the overwhelm, keep reading.

Specific Days for Specific Chores

As simple as it sounds, this one hack completely changed the way I clean my home. By assigning specific chores to specific days, I’ve completely eliminated the overwhelm that I would usually feel whenever I attempted to keep everything clean.

Before I designated specific chores to specific days, I was picking one day out of the week (usually Saturday’s) to get ALL of my cleaning done and needless to say, I rarely ever finished. 

While there are certain chores that I complete on a daily basis, such as the kitchen, living room, etc., there are other chores and deep cleaning that I designate to specific days to ensure that they get done.

The more time-consuming chores like laundry and deep cleaning the bathrooms take place on specific days. For example, laundry days are Saturday and Sunday and I may choose Thursday or Friday to deep clean the bathrooms. The times may vary but I know that no matter what, I know Laundry will be done and the bathrooms will be cleaned this week.

15min Power Cleaning Sessions

Once I’ve assigned the time-consuming chores, for specific days, I had to figure out a way to maintain our living area, kitchen, and declutter on a daily basis. That’s when I started to implement three 15 minute power cleaning sessions a day: after breakfast, lunch, and after bedtime.

During these 15-minute power cleaning sessions, I set a timer, arm myself with my Art of Green Cleaning Wipes and the Multi-Surface Cleaner, and power clean! The Art of Green Cleaning Wipes and Multi-Surface Cleaner come in two amazing scents: Citrus & White Flowers (my favorite!) and  Lavender Eucalyptus.

 I use the wipes to wipe down all of my frequently used surfaces such as the kitchen counters, coffee table, and kitchen table. I also use the multi-surface cleaner when I have a few tough grease and dirt stains that I want to tackle.

I love that after 15 minutes, my main areas are clean and I can rest assured that my kids aren’t being introduced to harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial colors or phosphates.

Make Sure Everything Has A Place

Last but not least one of the most helpful cleaning hacks that I’ve implemented so far is to ensure that everything has a place.

By doing so I’ve cut down on the amount of clutter in my home tremendously. It’s also made it a lot easier to teach my little ones how to clean up after themselves.

It also makes it a lot easier to be more efficient with my designated chores and 15-minute power cleaning sessions. Cutting out the unnecessary time that I would usually spend decluttering means less time cleaning overall.

Not to mention, I now keep my Art of Green Multi-Surface Cleaner and Cleaning Wipes in a few nearby (kid-safe) areas, making it easy and convenient to grab whichever product I need right when I need it. I even keep cleaning wipes in my car in case of any accidents. 

There you have it!

Three simple cleaning hacks that have completely changed the way I clean. While it isn’t always spotless, it’s definitely a lot tidier. Besides, with Art of Green eco-friendly cleaning products, it’s a pleasure to clean knowing that the products are safe for use around my little ones, biodegradable (yay for sustainability), and still tough on dirt and grime.

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What are some of your favorite cleaning hacks?


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