Best Christian TV Shows For Young Children


If you have been looking for quality Christian TV shows for your young children, you’re in the right place!

Not all children’s programming is created equal, so if you have been looking for quality Christian TV shows for young children, you’re in the right place!

A lot of Christians, including myself struggle to discern what to watch on television. That said, it’s even harder to find wholesome Christian programming for my children. It’s very important to me that my children grow up with a Christian worldview so years ago, I started searching for quality, Christian programming that my children could actually enjoy! After a little trial and error, I have a handful of staple programs that my children watch all the time and still absolutely love!

Not to mention, it has been the inspiration for many conversations about our faith in Jesus as they grow to understand him more.

So below I’ve compiled a list of the best faith-filled Christian TV shows for young children, ages 2-8 years, that will teach them Christian values while being just as entertaining as many of the popular shows out there today!

Best Christian TV Shows For Young Children

Bible Adventures

This series was created by LifeKids and is hands down one of my favorite bible series for the kids. It’s extremely thorough. There is a memory verse, worship, Bible story, and it shows kids how that bible story applies to everyday life. We enjoy watching it on YouTube but it may be available on other platforms as well.

Listener Kids

While Listner Kids isn’t a TV series, it is FULL of Christian values. Listener Kids turn classic Sunday school songs into upbeat, fun videos complete with singing animals and bible verses mixed in. My kids absolutely love it and we even listen to it in the car on the way to school. We watch the videos on YouTube and listen to the songs on Spotify.


VeggieTales is a classic! Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber are the main stars in the hilarious VeggieTales episodes. VeggieTales uses vegetable characters to bring bible stories to life and helps instill faith-based values. VeggieTales is available on many platforms but YouTube is a go-to For us.

Saddleback Kids

Saddleback Kids is the Children’s Ministry at Saddleback Valley Community Church. Through fun videos, Saddle Back Kids shares bible stories and bible lessons that the whole family can enjoy. We especially love their Easter series! You can check them out via their website or over on YouTube.

3-2-1 Penguins

3-2-1 Penguins is a series created by the same company that created the VeggieTales series. It consists of young children that discover penguin figurines that come to life. The four penguin’s travel around the world and even through outer space to learn biblical and moral lessons with their four funky penguin friends. There are some episodes available on YouTube and the series is also available on Peacock.

Christian Television Subscriptions

There are many other Christian-based shows out there that are available on different Christian Streaming Platforms so rather than listing them all out here, I figured I share some of the top Christian streaming platforms here for you to decide what would be the best fit for your family.


Pureflix Kids


Shalom World

There you have it!

The Best Christian TV Shows For Young Children! These are our family favorites and we have had them in rotation for years now. I hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we have!

Do you have a quality Christian TV show that your kiddos love? If so, share them down in the comments!

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