Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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This Funfetti Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is delicious and super easy to make. It’s the perfect summer dessert for birthdays, celebrations, or for your next backyard barbecue.

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Summer is officially here and what better way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather than with this quick and easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of, a food and lifestyle blog sponsored by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA). All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, there is nothing better than a cold, refreshing sweet treat to enjoy after a long day in the summer heat. Not to mention, all that time in the heat can be a bit draining so the easier the recipe, the better!

This Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is delicious and super easy to make. It’s the perfect summer dessert for birthdays, celebrations, or for your next backyard barbecue.

What I love most about it (besides the fact that it’s absolutely delicious), is that it can be made and enjoyed the same day since it requires less than 5 ingredients (just 3), takes just a few minutes to prep, and only needs to freeze for about 3 hrs.

For this recipe, I used my all-time favorite Ice Cream Sandwiches: FatBoy Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches. FatBoy Ice Cream Novelties are one of the popular Casper’s Ice Cream brands and have been around for a little over 95 years!

FatBoy ice cream sandwiches come in little individually wrapped squares and are PACKED (literally) with delicious, ice cream! I love how thick and creamy the FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches are, and I knew they’d be perfect for my Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

With all of the delicious flavors available, it was hard to decide on which one to use for the ice cream sandwich cake, but I ultimately decided on the cookies ’n cream flavor!

I found the FatBoy ice cream sandwiches for this recipe in the frozen aisle of my local grocery store. I love that the frozen aisle offers delicious treats for celebrating special occasions and life’s everyday moments. What better way to celebrate July Ice Cream Month than stocking up on a few indulgent frozen treats?

Here is what you need to make your very own Ice Cream Sandwich Cake:

+ FatBoy Cookies ’n Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches

+ Whipped Topping

+ Sprinkles

Once you have your ingredients, assembling your ice cream sandwich cake is easy, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started.

You want to be sure to use a pan that has raised sides in order to ensure that your ice cream sandwiches stay packed closely together.

It’s also a good idea to go ahead and unwrap each of your ice cream sandwiches BEFORE you start assembling them to make the process seamless. Depending on the size of your pan, you’ll definitely have to cut one or two ice cream sandwiches to fit on the very end.

You also want to move pretty quickly to keep your ice cream sandwiches from melting. I unwrapped enough sandwiches for the first layer, and once I added the whipped topping and sprinkles, I placed it in the freezer while I unwrapped the ice cream sandwiches for the second layer.

Once assembled, pop your ‘cake’ into the freezer for a minimum of 3 hrs. You can definitely freeze it longer but 3 hrs is long enough for your cake to set and become firm.

There you have it!

An easy, delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

I love that this Ice Cream Sandwich Cake only takes a few minutes to prepare and after a few hours in the freezer, it’s ready to enjoy!

So head to your nearest frozen aisle and grab a few FatBoy Vice Cream Sandwiches so that you can whip up this easy frozen, summer dessert!

It’s sure to be a hit with the entire family!


Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

This delicious, super easy-to-make Ice Cream Sandwich Cake was created in partnership with the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association.


  • 27 FatBoy Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • 16oz Whipped Topping
  • ¾ cup Sprinkles


    1. In a 9 x 13 pan, place 12 ice cream sandwiches closely in 3 in rows of 4.
    2. Cut two Ice Cream Sandwiches in half and place at the end of the 3 rows to fill in the gaps. (place remaining half in the freezer for the second layer)
    3. Spread 8oz of whipped topping over the ice cream sandwiches.
    4. Take half of your sprinkles and generously sprinkle over the whipped topping.
    5. Layer 12 ice cream sandwiches over the top of the whipped topping and cut another ice cream sandwich in half to fill the gaps. (don’t forget to grab the remaining half from the freezer).
    6. Spread the remaining 8oz of whipped topping over the second layer of sandwiches.
    7. Sprinkle the rest of your sprinkles on top.
    8. Place in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hrs.
    9. Serve and enjoy!

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