Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board


One of my favorite breakfast boards to make is a Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board and I’m going to show you how to make this easy, delicious board for a quick Saturday morning breakfast.

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This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker, but all opinions are my own.

Breakfast in our house can get a little chaotic but this quick and easy pancake breakfast board has been a hit with my family lately!

As much as I love pancakes, I don’t make them as often because the pancake box is such a pain and let’s face it, with three kids under the age of five, making them from scratch is simply out of the question.

Thankfully Betty Crocker™  New Complete Buttermilk Pancake Mix with a resealable bag is the ultimate solution. Not only is the resealable bag a complete game changer, but you can conveniently grab the Betty Crocker New Resealable Pancake Bags at Walmart in-store & via online grocery. Find them online here:  So now when my kids request pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, I can quickly whip up some pancakes and add them to a simple breakfast board.

This easy, delicious Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board is perfect for a quick Saturday morning breakfast.

I love breakfast boards because they are super easy to put together and in a way, they allow your kiddos to essentially serve themselves. Not to mention, you can add anything to a breakfast board to make it a complete breakfast. You can also get creative with your board and choose fun themes to create your board around.

The Main Dish

Since this is a Pancake Breakfast Board, pancakes will be our main, and most delicious ingredient. Using my Betty Crocker™ Resealable Pancake Bags I can quickly make light and fluffy, buttermilk pancakes. Thanks to the resalable pouch, the prep is super quick and easy. I simply add water or milk (I prefer milk), stir the batter, make my pancakes, and I’m done.

I buy my Betty Crocker™ Resealable Pancake Bags  from Walmart. This 2 lb. bag makes about 40 pancakes and the resealable bag means no wasting mix! Betty Crocker™ is our favorite brand for all things baking and cooking so I love how they just made this mamas life easier.

It’s important to note that the pancakes should be the last ingredient you add to your breakfast charcuterie board. Since they are the main dish on our board, they will need to be prepared last in order to be warm once our breakfast board is served. In the meantime, it’s time to prep the rest of your sides.

Prep Your Sides

The sides are what really brings your breakfast charcuterie board together and having your sides prepped and ready to go will save you so much time on the backend. Since my family is big on fruit in the morning, we typically add in lots of strawberries, blueberries, and oranges. So I make sure to go ahead and wash my fruit and slice my strawberries and oranges before I make my pancakes.

We also love eggs for breakfast but since Saturday mornings are typically busy with activities, I opt for boiled eggs since they can be made in advance – saving me even more time in the long run.

This easy, delicious Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board is perfect for a quick Saturday morning breakfast.

Next up are the breakfast meats (which are totally optional). We’re a huge bacon family over here but sometimes we also incorporate sausage links and/or patties. It just depends on what we have on hand.

Don’t Forget The Toppings

Last but not least are the toppings. The toppings are what make your board functional. For  example, you can’t have yummy pancakes without syrup! That said, you can opt to have it on the board or not. If you choose to add once you your board, remember to make space for it.

You can also  include yummy toppings like chocolate chips. Sometimes I sprinkle them on the pancakes after I add them to the board or I’ll place them in a small dish as well.

There are so many topping options that you can add to your board. Celebrating a birthday? Simply add in sprinkles and whipped cream for a fun birthday board.

Prepare Your Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Now that you have your side items prepped and toppings ready to go. You can quickly whip up your pancakes using your Betty Crocker™ New Resealable Pancake Bags and have yummy pancakes ready to go in minutes. Add your warm buttermilk pancakes to the center of your board. Next add your small dishes (with your syrup, toppings, etc) to the board- or you leave them off to the side if you prefer.

Finally, fill in the space with your fruits, eggs, and meat and serve immediately.

This easy, delicious Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board is perfect for a quick Saturday morning breakfast.

There you have it!

This Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board is always a hit with my family and is perfect for any occasion.

Be sure to head to your local Walmart and grab the Betty Crocker™ New Resealable Pancake Bags in-store & via online grocery.

Have you ever made a breakfast charcuterie board?

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